• Mako Vision Barcode Scanner
    Mako Vision Barcode Scanner
    Do you want a fast, accurate, easy to scale, easy to maintain, and customizable stationary barcode scanner for a warehouse or production line? Modular software and hardware design combined with AI technology form Mako Vision value-creating product.
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  • Barcode Scanner
    Barcode Scanner
    Mako Vision image-based barcode scanner decodes multiple 1D and 2D barcodes from printed labels on shipping boxes or goods simultaneously and transmits barcode data to another host system. Mako Vision extracts and processes visual information from a mounted camera on the top of the conveyor belt without any distance or placement constraints.
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  • Admin Panel
    Admin Panel
    Mako Vision admin panel offer performance monitoring, reporting system, and control panel
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  • Advantages of fixed-mount barcode scanners
    Advantages of fixed-mount barcode scanners
    Top six benefits of fixed-mount barcode scanners
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Mako Vision is the first producer of barcode scanner device based on artificial intelligence in Iran


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