Mako Vision Barcode Scanner

Accuracy and efficiency: Fixed-mount barcode scanners increase accuracy, efficiency, and scanning speed. These scanners can detect and read barcodes even if they are damaged, poorly printed, or low contrast.

Versatility: Fixed barcode scanners can be applied across different industries like manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, healthcare, retail, airports, and other high-speed work environments. They are easy to integrate with other existing systems, such as production lines, conveyor belts, and other automated systems. Their higher scanning speeds than handheld scanners make them ideal for high-volume scanning applications.

Automate Track and Trace Throughout the Supply Chain.

Save companies a substantial amount in labor costs.

Improve maintenance service and customer service.

Prevent human error: Applying a handheld barcode scanner in a high-paced work environment (2 m/s) is impossible and the error probability varies at different hours of the day.